Hello World!¬†(… Hello Mom!)

My name is Delilah.

I am an 18 year old human who loves or strongly likes the following:

My family, traveling, advocacy, soccer, learning, writing (hence, you know… the blog), reading, the Beatles, plants, farmers markets, loud rain, making friends with strangers, and just waving the freak flag in general.

The things you’ll find me writing about:

Primarily my gap year (haha shocker!). This may include musings, findings, tips, and experiences I accumulate over the course of this year. I may from time to time write and/or rant about issues important to me non-gap year related, such as gender parity, youth activism, elephant protection, and the environmental crisis.

Please talk to me (refer to second to last point of my ‘loves’ list)! Let’s wander together.